"One million years, and I will say your name.I love you more than I can ever scream.I sit here and smile dear.I smile because I think of you and I blush.”

—Lines from The Morticians Daughter by Black Veil Brides

My feelings for you are eternal.

"I never meant to be the one who kept you from the darkBut now I know my wounds are sewn because of who you areI will take this burden on and become the holy oneBut remember I am human and I’m bound to sing this songSo hear my voice remind you not to bleedI’m here… Savior will be there when you are feeling alone, ohA savior for all that you doSo you live freely without their harm
So here I write my lullaby to all the lonely onesRemember as you learn to try to be the one you loveSo I can take this pen and teach you how to liveBut what is left unsaid is the greatest gift I giveWhen I hear your cries praying for lifeI will be thereWhen I hear your cries praying for lightI will be thereI will be there! I will always be there! I will be… THERE!”
—Savior by Black Veil Brides
For all the lonely, broken hearted, forgotten, self-harmed, lost; I am here.

so I met andy beirsack tody I was at the 99 cents i actually didnt know it was him my sister is in love with bvb so he looked familar but i couldn’t put my finger on it I went up to him and said you look like andy beirsack hes like i get that a lot asked him if i could take a pic of him so my sister could see he said yes and i took it and i kept telling him about how my sister love that bands and that when she gets depressed she listen to them he askd me my name and I told him kym and then he asked me my sisters name and i said heidi and hes like hi my names andy and i freaked out and i started crying I told him that the band saved my sister so manytimes and he hugged me and said thell your sister I said hi and that im proud she is getting help she needs  he made my sister so happy today  also he even gave her a smile :) honestly i didnt know it was him he wasn’t make up or had long black hair like on my sister’s posters hey music saves lifes <3 

October 28th 2014 #bvb4

Andy is in love for you!

Thank you so much!

not saying I smoke a lot of weed. but I’m also not saying that I don’t NOT smoke a lot either.